With an insatiable and endless effort, we have successfully developed the one and only Hemingway Cable again. By adding the Z-core’s unique technique to the accumulated technical skills and know-hows of Hemingway, Z-core gives life to the point that emphasizes the noiseless more clearly while transmitting the same amount of information as the original sound. It is truly the first cable that has accomplished the transmission characteristic with no smearing of sound and perfected the lossless delivery of musical sensibility.
Through the persistent effort and research on sound, Hemingway’s patented technique found the solution to deal with the magnetic field produced by the electric field. The core of it is the winding of the line in the shape of ‘Z’ with a double-ground at the center. Using this revolutionary technique, we now proudly present our third generation product. You will be able to feel the brand new aspect of sound you have never experienced before and be moved by the surging of overflowing joy, once you hear the sound that Z-core makes.