When a signal flows through a conductor, electric and magnetic fields are simultaneously produced. They are bound up together so inextricably that if you want to change either the electric or magnetic field only, you need to also change the other. Every effort that were done to shield “electric signals” from electromagnetic effects turns out to be unsuccessful because of its nature.

Musical events occur when instruments stir up acoustic vibrations through the air. The vibrations consequently turn into electric signals, and the electric signals are transformed to other data forms, which can be stored in various storages. We always reverse the field to reproduce musical events. Upon several recording and reproduction of musical events using various systems and cables, we have arrived at the final destination—we should keep magnetic field alive at some extent to have an exact rendering of music’s real sound. Complete shielding is not the panacea; rather it is definitely like pesticide to live music.

FMCF technology makes it possible for us to come closer to real music, through which we can “hear” the picture and “see” the sound of music.

We make some spaces, cavities of positions, sizes, shapes, and numbers that are technically selected and sonically tested on every surface layer of Hemingway Cables. Every material in Hemingway Cables is adopted and developed with the highest purity to provide ideal performance through a cost-no-object process. We conducted the test using almost all conducting materials found in the periodic table of chemical elements and dielectric materials in the chemical index.
Our materials and structure designs are all “one-of-a- kind.”

With FMCF technology, we can orchestrate frequencies and electromagnetic fields at will. We can also get optimum solution to make ideal cables for other components of your systems.

Never give up. You can bring real musical events in front of you without losing the vitality and vividness. Hemingway will keep your musical life happy and healthy.