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Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 - Purpose
These terms and conditions are provided in advance to enhance mutual trust between the members and the Hemingway and to prepare appropriate procedures for resolving disputes by stipulating the use of information and services organized and provided by Hemingway, as well as the use of certain products sold by Hemingway under the relevant laws, including the Telecommunications Business Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization.

Article 2 - and entry into force of the terms and conditions.
Hemingway (week) posts in the service provided by (www.hemingwayaudio.com) screen is the content of these terms and conditions or other customers, used as a method or by posting to the member.To take effect.

Hemingway can change this agreement, if necessary, modified the terms of the existing terms and conditions with paragraph 1 and after seven days after notice and notice in the same way.To take effect from me.

It is to agree to this Agreement, or its amendment by visiting the Web on a regular basis points meant agreeing to be OK. Don't know the information on different terms resulting damage to the user is not responsible in the Hemingway.

If you don't agree with the terms and conditions changed the membership can request a (termination), goes into effect of different terms after seven days from the date indicated that he or she refused.Will continue to use the terms and conditions of service without consent to the amendment be considered.

Article 3 - terms and conditions of rule.
Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, the Telecommunication Service Act, not set out in these terms and conditions, the Digital Signature Act, related regulations like the mail-order system in accordance with regulations and general sanggwangye.

Consumer about the damage relating to electronic commerce consumer protection law according to the consumer injury compensation rule.

Chapter 2 Member Conventions
Article 4 - Establishment of a contract for use and acquisition of membership
Upon their discretion, the members will be eligible to apply for membership by agreeing to this Agreement and filling in all the information requested by Hemingway. The member shall have his or her own e-mail address and shall not use another person's unique account.

Hemingway members operate on a free membership system with no extra subscription or annual fee.

All members must provide their own name and real name (i-pin or equivalent real name verification method) to use the service. All users who do not register under their real name cannot claim any rights.

Membership can only be registered under their real names, and Hemingway can be given real-name verification measures.

All IDs of the members who filed for use by stealing other persons' names (name and resident registration number or equivalent personal information) are deleted and may be punished according to the related statutes.

In principle, the member registration shall be recorded accurately and as true on the application form provided online by Hemingway, and shall be concluded in terms of membership number (ID).

The company distinguishes personal information from mandatory items and optional items, and only enters optional items if the member wants them.

Essential items during membership join and (id, passwords, home name, address or equivalent to that real name, address, telephone number (how hwagin), e mail) and choice items (items together.Holder of the devices, divided by occupation, etc.).

Hemingway displaying their real names, all posts and within the market since January 25, in principle. However, foreign resident or resident registration numbers to issues such as budeuki Hemingway, if you need to use the pen name (aliases) with Moscow after the identification, you can. However, local residents is the principle using their real names.

In addition, Hemingway without formally sign in on the screen for data protection a member of each post in the Name of writer can't see the remedial action.Take.

Article 5 - membership.
` Tour Information ` site members in person when members to the members are terminating your membership registered on the e - mail to request for termination of the Unsubscribe. sending the mail online via address.Hemingway, and also approves the applications immediately.

As from the date of a treatment out of a member of the Hemingway for a year to rejoin you can't.

- Article 6 of the consent of the service application.
The Hemingway is accurately all the facts set forth in Chapter 2, 4, when an application for use in service by the consent of the content of this Agreement.To accept in principle. By order of application for the processing of applications for use.

Hemingway, the following reasons for a service application for consent or withdraw or withhold consent may not be.

1) If an application is made using another person's name
2) In case the application is made by falsely stating the required information required for use
3) Personal verification is not possible due to inconsistency in e-mail address, phone number, etc.
4) If the application is made for the purpose of undermining the well-being order and customs of the society;
5) In case a registered member applies for dual registration with a different ID
6) In case the requirements for membership application specified by Hemingway are not sufficient;
7) If the real name is not verified
8) The name and resident registration number of an already registered member (Ipin)
9) In case a person under the age of 18 applies for use. Hemingway is only allowed to sign up and engage in activities for adults over the age of 18 due to its nature.

Hemingway can be used as a means of marketing or service by sending this service and product information through e-mail if the member wants to.

Article 7 - Loss and reservation of membership
Hemingway may terminate the service contract arbitrarily or suspend the service use for a certain period of time provided by Hemingway if the member finds that he or she has done the following in using Hemingway's service:

1) In case of a violation of public order and customs
2) In case of criminal activity
3) If another person's identity is stolen
4) In case the service is used for purposes that are detrimental to the national interest or the public interest;
5) In case the service is impaired, such as by harming the service;
6) If another person's ID and password are stolen or defamed
7) In case identification is not possible due to a mismatch of e-mail address, phone number, etc.
8) An act or attempt to obstruct the smooth progress of the services provided by Hemingway.
9) In case of intentionally selling and registering illegal items or attempting or attempting to engage in trade in goods in violation of other public order or customs.
10) In case of violation of other related statutes or the terms and conditions set forth by Hemingway;

Article 8 - Changes and protection of personal information
The applicant or the member shall revise the information immediately if the information recorded at the time of application for use is changed. However, the member ID (ID), resident registration number (Ipin) and statement cannot be modified.

In the case of the preceding paragraph, the member concerned shall bear any damages caused by the information that is not modified, and Hemingway shall not be held responsible for the damages.

Hemingway does not use the members' personal information for any purpose other than expanding the functions of the Hemingway service and the Hemingway service, or provide it to any third party without the consent of the members. However, if the Act requires disclosure of the information or provides the information under the Act, the entity can exchange information related to the event with the affiliates or the parties involved in the transaction during the event (joint purchase, auction or prize).

In the event Hemingway is required to obtain consent from the member regarding the provision of personal information, the member shall specify or notify the details of the information provision (the recipient, the purpose of the provision, the contents of the information) in advance, and the member may withdraw the consent at any time even if the member agrees to the provision of personal information.

The member may access his or her personal information at any time and request Hemingway to correct the wrong information. Hemingway will not use the personal information until the error is corrected when requested by the member.

Hemingway is limited to a minimum of managers to protect the members' personal information. Hemingway shall assume full responsibility for damages caused by loss, theft, leakage or tampering of the members' personal information. However, for the leakage and theft of personal information related to payments including credit cards, Hemingway is not related to Hemingway due to the responsibility of Korea CyberPay Co., which is in charge of the payment. In the event of a problem related to payment, the member and the payment agency (Korea CyberPayment Corporation) will resolve the party in principle, and Hemingway will make the best effort to mediate.

A third party that receives personal information from Hemingway or Hemingway shall destroy such personal information without delay when it achieves the purpose of collecting or receiving personal information.

Chapter 3 Service Provision and Change
Article 9 - Providing Services
Hemingway provides members with the following services:

1) Web Megazine
2) User clubs/views for use
3) Community (Hi-Fi, AV, and Chaudhio)
4) Direct trading place
5) Company information
6) Shopping mall
7) All other services developed independently by Hemingway or to be provided to members through cooperative contracts with other companies

Article 10 - Adding and changing service content
Hemingway can change the service content and type from time to time, and notifies the changes through notice.

Hemingway notifies the service to the members at any time through a notice when the service contents are added or changed.

Article 11 - Deletion of Posts
Hemingway may delete contents posted or registered by the user if they are deemed to include the following, and may take actions such as loss of membership or reservation if they are subject to Article 7.

1) In case of defamation by slandering other users or third parties or by slander;
2) In case of a violation of public order or a draft agreement
3) If it is deemed to be related to criminal behavior
4) If the contents are not for many members but for the benefit of the individual,
5) If it is judged that the text does not suit the nature of each bulletin board,
6) If the Hemingway site is deemed to be obstructing operation
7) In case of violation of other relevant laws or regulations prescribed by Hemingway;

Article 12 - Termination of Services
Hemingway can temporarily suspend service provision in the event of repair inspection, replacement or failure of information and communication facilities, and discontinuation of communication, such as replacement of new services, and completely discontinue the current services provided by Hemingway.

Article 12 In the event of a service interruption, Hemingway notifies the member through e-mail or a bulletin board. However, this does not apply if prior notice is not possible due to a service interruption (intentional, faultless disk failure, system down etc. by the system administrator) due to reasons beyond Hemingway's control.

Chapter 4 Utilization of Electronic Commerce
Article 13 - Forms of e-commerce
Selling through Hemingway events or shopping malls

1) Sales of products through joint planning between Hemingway and its affiliates are based on the prices specified in the product price information column.
2) Determine the best price that can be in the interest of the members and set the selling price.

Sales made through the website information of the affiliate.

1) Only consumer and company prices are illustrated on the affiliate's website. The price setting is based on the partner's subjective judgment according to the product's condition or period of use. Hemingway assumes no responsibility for the sales amount.

2) The final amount may vary depending on the consultation between the member and the partner.

Direct trading of second-hand goods between individuals using direct exchange market

1) With the free purchase, sale and exchange of members, Hemingway shall not be held liable for any sales amount, sales methods or disputes made through a direct exchange.

2) In regard to direct transactions between members, the provisions of Chapter 4 and Chapter 17 shall not apply except for the provisions of Article 13-3-1 concerning the occurrence of disputes and arbitration.

Article 14 - Orders and Payment
The member who wants to purchase can use no bankbook or credit card payment.

For a non-deposit deposit, it will only be considered normal if the order is deposited within three days of the date of the order, and the order will be automatically cancelled after three days.

For credit card payments, only credit cards that are valid for credit card use and the amount used will be approved for payment.

In order to protect the customer's credit card information, Hemingway does not receive and process customer's credit card information directly, but instead is handled by a professional company (Korea CyberFace).

Article 15 - Delivery and supply of goods
Hemingway and its suppliers specify the degree to which the buyer is satisfied.

In principle, the delivery of goods is made directly by the member. This is due to the nature of the product and the need to check the status of the product in advance.

If the purchaser is hopeful, the supplier will provide full delivery and installation services. However, for products or installations that are separate from shipping charges, additional installation fees may be charged depending on the product.

Hemingway, or the supplier, may provide delivery services in accordance with the Buyer's wishes, but Buyer shall be held liable for the original condition of the Product.

In the event of an unavoidable cause, such as natural disasters, it is excluded from the delivery date for the corresponding period.

Product delivery shall be based on the delivery start date notified in advance when the product is jointly purchased, not based on deposit confirmation and payment date.

Article 16 - Cancellation of an order and refund
order cancellation

1) The original purchaser shall notify the subcontractor of the cancellation of the order within six hours of the order being made, and if the goods have been shipped by delivery or delivery, the original purchaser shall receive the goods first.

2) The original purchaser of the cancellation of purchase shall return the original seller in accordance with the agreed date, time and delivery method.

3) In the return of goods subject to cancellation of purchase and in the calculation of the price of goods, the purchaser shall not cancel the package at the time of receipt of the goods. Once the package is opened, the remaining balance may be received, less than 10% of the purchase price. The original purchaser shall bear the responsibility that arises after the receipt of the goods. After cancellation of the contract, the purchase contract can be received within 48 hours of the contract cancellation date.

4) Members and users who receive goods or services can cancel the purchase within 20 days from the following date only if: You can cancel the purchase by phone or mail.

1) If the delivered goods are damaged or defective. However, if the product is found to be damaged during use, it can be exchanged after paying compensation according to the manufacturer.

2) Exchange is possible if the actual product is provided differently from the prior specification details of the product condition or grade.

1) Cancellation, exchange, or refund of purchase is allowed only if the product provided is returned to Hemingway. Money transfers or other means will be refunded within three days (except holidays) from the following date of return.

2) If purchased with a credit card, the refund will be "cancellated" before the credit card company invoices, and after the card company invoices, the credit card company will deposit the credit card company to "refund or settlement account in cash" (checking the credit card company's sales cancellation will take about a week after application due to the processing period inside the card company).

3) The amount deposited without bankbook will be refunded first. Other details not mentioned will be in accordance with the quality assurance of each product.

4) Hemingway will pay all expenses for the cancellation of the purchase and return of it. However, the purchaser shall pay all expenses, such as transportation expenses, in the event of a refund or exchange request for no particular reason, such as a simple change of the customer.

Article 16-1 - Accumulation
A reserve fund is a kind of cyber money that will be returned to you according to the products purchased by the members on the Hemingway site.

The reserves are a kind of e-money that can be used as cash on a Hemingway site. You can use the reserve fund with cash or credit card. You can pay only with the reserve fund.

The calculation of the reserve fund is calculated after the product purchase has been completed.

The reserves are only available for purchase within Hemingway's site and cannot be exchanged for real money or returned to cash due to withdrawal of membership.

Article 17 - The occurrence and mediation of disputes
In principle, the problem of product defect at the time of sale or purchase shall be resolved between the parties to the transaction. However, Hemingway should try to resolve the dispute peacefully through arbitration between the parties involved in the dispute.

Any document on the bulletin board during dispute arbitration that may cause problems with arbitration shall not be published without permission, such as the beginning, conclusion, existence of liability, or progress, or otherwise Hemingway may delete any related posts.

Article13 Although Hemingway is not involved in the transaction of a direct trading market as specified in paragraph 3, it may take action such as a commercial complaint against the non-compliance if no agreement is reached between the parties to the contract.

Chapter 5 Responsibilities and Rights
Article 18 - Hemingway's Obligations and Rights
Hemingway is obliged to do its best to provide continuous and stable service as provided under these terms and conditions.

Hemingway takes the best safety measures and is obliged to do its best to secure personal information, including the members’ credit information.

Hemingway may be cancelled if it is not available for normal service due to its own judgment or Hemingway self-assessment.

Article 19 - Members' obligations and rights
The member shall not transfer or lease his/her membership number (ID) and password to another person without prior approval from Hemingway.

The member shall be responsible for all management of the member number (ID) and password granted to the member.

You must notify Hemingway as soon as you recognize that your membership number (ID) has been used in a negative manner.

The members shall comply with the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions and the related statutes.

Chapter 6 Events
Article 20 - Events
Hemingway offers various event services such as joint purchase, prizes, and auction through its own judgment.

The event service provided can be changed from time to time based on Hemingway's own judgment, including the type, frequency and qualification of the event, and notified to the members through notice.

The relevant terms and conditions of the event service shall be notified to the members at the same time as the event announcement is made in Hemingway according to the nature of the event.

Hemingway is responsible for the problems that occur during the event service, but the members are responsible for the problems caused by the member's failure to comply with the announced compliance and service terms.

Chapter 7 Disclaimer, etc.
Article 21 - Corporate immunity
Hemingway shall not be held liable for damages incurred to the members in connection with the goods trade which is not related to the sales service itself provided through the planning of Hemingway, including joint purchase.

Hemingway is exempted from the responsibility for providing the service if it cannot be provided temporarily or ultimately due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, repair, replacement, failure of information and communication facilities, or interruption of communication. In this case, Hemingway notifies its members in the manner set forth in Article 2 of the Agreement. Hemingway shall not be held responsible for any obstacles to the use of the service due to reasons attributable to the Internet users or members.

Hemingway shall not be held liable for any loss or loss that the members expect through the service or for any damages resulting from data obtained through the service.

Hemingway shall not be held liable for damages caused by trusting the information, data and facts posted by the member.

Article 22 - Jurisdiction Court
If a suit is filed against Hemingway in connection with the service provided by Hemingway, the competent court shall be in accordance with the Civil Procedure Code in Hemingway.

Article 23 - Other Provisions
Hemingway reflects legitimate opinions or complaints raised by the members, resolves the issues, deals with complaints and opinions raised by the members first, and notifies them of the reasons and duration of treatment if they are delayed.

If you violate this service agreement or experience any inconvenience in using the service, please use Hemingway's E-MAIL ADDRESS (HEMINGWAY@HEMINGWAY.co.kr) or call (031-424-2646) or fax (031-424-2649) and we will handle it with all your heart.

Company introduction

1) Company name: (Note) Hemingway)
2) Location: 18 Indukwon-gil, Jung-gu, Anyang-gu, Gyeonggi-do, and 5F Sigma Building
3) Phone number : 031-424-2646, 9848 FAX : 031-424-2649
4) Representative: Jeong Do-yong 5) Business license number: 210-81-62444.
I agree to the terms and conditions.
Purpose of personal information collection and utilization
Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Hemingway utilizes the personal information collected for the following purposes:

▶  Content delivery, delivery, financial transaction, authentication, financial services, purchase and fee payment

▶  Managing members

Personal identification, personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use by rogue members, registration intention, limit number of subscriptions and subscriptions, preserve records for settlement of disputes, and deliver notices of complaints.

▶  Utilize in marketing and advertising

Development and specialization of new services (products), service delivery and advertising according to demographic characteristics, frequency of access, statistics on members' use of services, events, etc.

Hemingway does not consign your personal information handling to an outside company without your consent. In the future, we will notify you of the consignee and the content of the consignment work and, if necessary, obtain prior consent.
I agree with the purpose of personal information collection and utilization.
Collecting personal information items

Hemingway collects the following personal information for membership, consultation and service application.

▶  Member ID, member classification, password, name (real name), Ipin or equivalent real name verification method, e-mail, address and phone number (cell phone number). In addition, the following information can be generated and collected in the course of service use or business processing.

▶  The mobile phone number is used which has been certified in the Nice assessment information.

▶  Service history, connection log, cookie, connection IP information, payment record, withdrawal record

I accept the personal information items that I collect.

Personal Information Retention and Usage Period

In principle, the information is destroyed without delay after the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved. However, the following information shall be retained for the period specified for the following reasons:

In addition, if it is necessary to preserve the member information according to the provisions of the related statutes, such as the Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce and the Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information, the company shall keep the member information for a certain period of time as specified by the related statutes. In this case, the company uses the information stored for the purpose of storage only, and the retention period is as follows:

▶  Resident registration number, payment record, name, date of birth, login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile phone number, e-mail, service history, access log, and connection IP information

- Reasons for Preservation: The Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Utilization and Protection of Credit Information
- Retention period: 1 year

Personal Information Disposal Procedure

Hemingway, in principle, destroys such information without delay after the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved. Disposal procedures and methods are as follows.

▶  Destruction procedure

- The information entered for membership, etc., shall be stored for a certain period of time after the purpose has been achieved and destroyed according to the internal policy and other related statutes for information protection (see retention and usage period).

This personal information shall not be used for any other purpose than to be retained unless in accordance with the law.

I agree to the period of personal information retention and use.

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Information on personal information handling policy

Information on personal information handling policy
Purpose Item Retention period
User identification and identification ID, name, password Until the withdrawal of membership
Notifications regarding the use of customer service and identification of users for CS response Contact (email, mobile phone number) Until the withdrawal of membership
I agree with both the membership agreement and the privacy policy.